aktiver, generer, integrer!

Group Work (professional), 2016
in collaboration with: SPARCH Architects, Meinich Architekter (Oslo)

The competition focuses on designing a Museum of Modern Art in an old industrial silo in Kristiansand, Norway. Situated in a former industrial zone, an old grain silo with its 30 cylindrical towers one next to the other is envisioned to stand as part of the currently initiated urban development plan. ‘"activer, generer, integrer!’" ("activate, generate, integrate!") aims to become a prompt to ‘activate’ the area, to connect it with the city center, and use art and public space to create a centrality and transform the silo into a modern art museum highlighting, the structure, creating multiple spatial experiences and incorporating natural light with art and architecture. The museum is designed as a hybrid space: once an industrial area, today an art space. The silo towers hide an interior patio filled with light and movement. Bridges at different levels connect the exhibition spaces on the patio’s sides and  the users’ movement gets layered. The light penetrates from above letting the two new additions converse with the existing building.

**Commendation at MIPIM AR Future Projects Awards 2017, Cannes, France
**Distinction in the Competition ‘Kunstsilo in Kristiansand’, Norway 
**Exhibition at Kilden Performing Arts Center, Kristiansand, Norway

**Publication in KTIRIO.GR / Athens Voice

Conceptual and programmatic analysis (teamwork product)

Floor plans 5 and 6: Exhibition spaces

Programmatic analysis and Foyer view (by SPARCH Architects)

Museum bridge view (by SPARCH Architects)

Perspective Night view (by SPARCH Architects)

Site plan (teamwork product)

Interior view of the restaurant (teamwork product)