Group Work (professional), 2016
location: Bologna, Italy
in collaboration with: SPARCH Architects

The "Green Academy" competition encourages the transformation of an old paper factory, designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, in Marzabotto, Bologna, Italy, into a school and a business incubator for start-ups with a focus on environmental and sustainable practices. The proposal is structured based on the belief that ecology is an ever-changing field; a recycling of ideas, materials and objects. An “eco-cocoon”-a canvas of materials for sustainable energy, from panels of algae to new experimental photovoltaics-covers the old and new buildings. On the ground floor the longitudinal start-up spaces are connected with the child’s museum via a passage-showroom where the building’s main entrance is located. On the upper floors the eco-science museum with linear cuts visually connects its two floors. On top a roof garden with various plants encourages the experimentation and improves the building’s micro-climate. The old and new buildings are connected via an open space for bazaars, eating and gathering activities. Space is left untreated and rough evoking the memory of the past. The blocks are covered in re-usable brick and re-usable glass claustra that filter the natural light.

**Honorable Mention in DOMES Awards 2017, Athens, Greece, 2017
**Finalist Mention in the Competition ‘Green Academy’, Bologna, Italy

**Published at Archisearch and DOMES International Review of Architecture, Issue 139. p.66-67, 2017

(Top) Green terrace floor plan
(Bottom) Ground floor plan (teamwork product)

Programmatic analysis (teamwork product)

Child’s Museum view (teamwork product)

Sustainability strategy  Materiality analysis (teamwork product)
(Left) Summer performance (teamwork product)

Green terrace view (teamwork product)

(Top) Perspective Section (teamwork product)
(Bottom) Perspective Top view (teamwork product)

Perspective view (by team members)