The Pier

Group Work (professional), 2017
in collaboration with: SOUTH Architects

"The Pier" is envisioned as a light building-canopy filtering light while framing the panoramic view of the Cretan landscape.  The building gets articulated by the opposing fluxes of movements along the dock which create two longitudinal zones, detachable to each other while also moving-sliding along the longitudinal axis. The movement fluxes are defined by two lightweight canopies of an opposing slope which follows the direction of the movement. The longitudinal development aims for multiple gradations of the spatial qualities according to the way and frequency of use and for an escalation of the sites’ quality in relation with the sea, the Cretan landscape, and the passengers’ movement. Vertical sliding blinds to the West and East as well as planting in the open, public space are combined with the uninterrupted influx of the north-eastern wind (meltemi), which is enhanced by water, planting, and large pebble surfaces to ensure the summer cooling.

**Honorable Mention in the Competition “Souda’s Ferry Terminal”, Crete, Greece

Perspective night view

Site plan

Floor plans (teamwork product)

Perspective southwest entrance view

Perspective exterior restaurant view

Perspective ticketing space view