Group Work (academic), 2017

AA Athens Visiting School: “Symmetry Sentience”
location: Athens, Greece

"Interlace" considers materiality and form as a unified whole and investigates how membranes’ curvature and translucency can define both the architect’s and user’s architectural understanding by new. Partition elements are set invalid and reshaped by a new design context. The project integrates manufacturing techniques and a theoretical background based on computational space, machinic control and kinetic design. It  unfolds as an experimentation on the flexible nature of tensile fabric (lycra) combined with wood veneer. The final 1:1 structure, thus, is a complex system of intricately crossed wood veneer stripes that shape the frame for the lycra-covered components which interact with the structure based on the users’ proximity to it. Two rotation axis structure the movement of the interactive components while the triangular geometry of each of the stable components enhances the prototype’s stability. Both materials are energized by the users’ motion and real-time reactions creating thus a ‘living’ structure.

**Presented at eCAADe 2018 (36th Annual Conference), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Lodz, Poland

Canopy Structure

Prototyping process (teamwork product)

Final prototype (teamwork product)