Off site

Individual work, 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

‘Off site’ explores how one experiences space through only vision and sound. It questions how space can be redefined by decomposing the spatial experience into its structural elements. Audio and video are translated, distorted, and altered disassociating these elements from each other to form a new spatial order. Two different space typologies - a temple (Miidera temple) and a market street - in Kyoto are, therefore, perceived and narrated through an immersive interplay between light and darkness, inside and outside, natural and man-made. To this end, Akira Kurosawa’s optical reflections (mirrors) film technique and the point-cloud environment are combined with photogrammetry and VR stereoscopic video techniques to create an immersive architectural narrative.

VR narrative movie

Point-cloud model of a Tea Room in  Miidera temple

Point-cloud model of the Japanese garden at Miidera temple

Point-cloud model of a Market street in Kyoto

Optical reflections (mirrors) in Miidera Temple

Stereoscopic video technique in Miidera Temple