Interacting narrations

on the boundary on the island of Ioannina

Individual Work (academic I Diploma Thesis), 2014-2015

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AUTH
location: Ioannina, Greece 

advisor: Alexandra Alexopoulou

On the northwest of a preserved settlement, of a coniferous forest and a family of reed, a rock, a boundary between the lake Pamvotis and the hinterland of the island of Ioannina, receives and gives meaning by new to human existence through a different understanding of the ‘genius loci’. A spatial narration, inside, outside and close to the boundary, gets shaped by a path articulated by building types and building non-types. The study uses the architectural elements in such a way as to redefine the ‘genius loci’. The path is formed through a typological analysis of the spatial qualities traced, natural or man-made. The rock is treated as a volume of distinct geometric features and a peculiar section. In its core, an environmental education center is placed. The building’s axis follows the rock’s symmetry axis and distributes the horizontal and vertical movements. The volumes’ typology and scale follow those of the buildings of the preserved settlement integrating into the island’s physiognomy.


**Mediterranean Mimar Sinan Prize 2016 Distinction, Istanbul, Turkey

**Published in KooZArch / The Architectural Review / / Archfolios / FreeArchBook

**Presented at the Architecture Lecture ‘[Σ]το τέλος της μικρής μας πόλης...’, Ioannina, Greece

**Exhibited at ‘Mediterranean Mimar Sinan Prize 2016’ Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, and at  ‘Horizons’ Architectural Exhibition, Ioannina, Greece

Perspective view of the reeds dock

Study area analysis

Site plan

Floor plan 3 (+478.85m)

Cross section: Level 1

Cross section: Level 2

Cross section: Level 3

Longitudinal section

Southwest elevation