Something big

Group Work (academic), 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

"Something big" is an effort to fabricate a low-cost, portable, OSB-based bookshelf that can be disassembled and customized fast based on the user's needs. The design and fabrication workflows are led by the constraints that both the material and the CNC-milling and 3d-printing fabrication workflows set. To this end, two types of joints are designed, 3d printed, and tested, one of a rotatable and the other of a non-rotatable type. The tolerances of the joints as well as their behavior when under compression are the leading parameters driving the design process.

Testing the tolerances of type-1 3d print joint (teamwork product)

Assembly of final prototype (teamwork product)

Failure point of type-1 3d printed joint (teamwork product)

Testing of 3d printed joint's tolerances: type 1 (teamwork product)

Testing of 3d printed joint's tolerances: type 2 (teamwork product)

Testing of 3d printed joint (teamwork product)

Assembly (teamwork product)

Assembly (teamwork product)

Prototype testing (teamwork product)